How To Offer Voice Over Quotation

How Much Do Voice Actors Get Paid to Do Voice Overs? 

While it’s hard to really specify how much does one get paid to do voice overs, there are many reasons you should at least have a clue of what your intellectual property should be worth before signing that contract.

At Audio Elite Focus We not only train voice overs but also assist our artists in the “Business 101 Class” in knowing how to quote based on;

  1. Number of Words
  2. Length in Time
  3. Royalty Usage (Licensing)
  4. The Voice over Production fees and Running Costs

For one to be on the safe side while preparing a voice over quotation, one should include if any, the team that is involved in the voice over production process and this includes;

  • Voice over Directors,
  • Voice Over Producer and Sound Engineers,
  • Script Writer and the Creative Directors Fees

What is the ideal pay then for a voice over artist?

Well the ideal voice over pay should be included on the contract and is usually between 30% to 50% of the overall amount depending on the team involved in making the whole job a success. Over time one should be able to learn to become more creative in writing and if possible producing as we teach at Audio Elite Focus because we want our voice over creative team to be equipped as an all rounded voice over student both on voice over production and in delivery as a voice over artist.

The question “How Much Does One Get Paid To Do Voice Overs” is therefore a wide subject to be considered since it also depends on whether you are contracted directly or sub-contracted to do the whole or a part of a voice over job as an individual or as a team.

Another meaningful thing especially if you have made it in the industry is once you become a voice over brand, your market value appreciates and we also teach this in the Business 101 class.

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